Software is eating the world and I'm quite hungry

Hi, I'm Mahmoud el-Magdoub my passion is to work with teams to understand people and their needs in order to create the best possible tools for them.

I’m drawn to technology for a lot of the same reasons that I’m drawn to product management, it feels like a deeply human endeavor to wrangle complex problems and answer the why with user-understanding and data.

I have been building SaaS products for the past 9 years, my experience covers consumer web products visited by millions, CRM Automation and Enterprise tools.

Although I worked in different industries, my core direction has been the same, I help product teams answer these three questions:

  1. What people problem are we trying to solve?
  2. How do we know this is a real problem?
  3. How will we know if we’ve solved this problem?

I thrive in uncertainty and “maker cultures” where prototyping and experimenting are the norm. I love the satisfaction that comes from shipping products and sharing that feeling with a close-knit team.

Workshops // Content

  • Killer Specs
    Your 6 step Guide on how to Write Killer Specs

    Duration: 3hrs
    This session is a 6 step guide for guiding Product Managers into a framework for writing specs that will allow them to ship high quality software.

  • Where do good ideas come from
    Where Do Good Ideas Come From?

    Duration: 45mins
    Throughout my life I was curious about understanding “Where do good ideas come from?” This sessions goes through some ideas that I researched

  • Diaries of a Bad Manager
    Diaries of Bad Manager (Comic)

    This was a comic series I did to tackle the mistakes that first time managers do, due to lack of experience.

  • Google Slides Library
    Google Slides Libary

    Templates That help in building quick and neat slides whether it's for a dry run or highedn slidedeck.

  • Product Managers and Desigenrs a Sad Love Story
    Product Managers and Designers: A Sad Love Story

    My thoughts on how Product Managers and Designers can work together. Luckily, I have been in both worlds by working as both a designer and a product manager. And while this love/hate relationship does not seem to end anytime soon I believe there's a better way.

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I Believe

The main job of a Product Manager is not to gather requirements, come up with a solution and shelter engineers from the buisness. Instead the role is to paint a picture of where the product should go, define a very clear problem to solve, gather and mobilize engineering and design teams to come up with a solution together.

People that Inspired my work.

  • Dieter Rams: Good Functional Design // Declutter
  • Ben Horowitz, Marty Kagan & Ken Norton: Product Managment
  • Paul Graham: Surviving Startups
  • Julie Zhuo: Product Design that Works
  • Ian McAllister: Prioritizing Features
  • Jason Wilson: Grid Design


SaaS, Product Management, UX Design and Strategy, Web Analytics, Statistical Analysis, Product Design, Product Development and Pricing, SQL Mining, Retention Strategies, Agile Dev, Startups, Business Development, Online Marketing, Frontend Development, Tech writing.

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